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The Metropolitan

With great pride, we present to you The Metropolitan - an architectural masterpiece embodying the essence of urban luxury. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partner, Müller Merkle Immobilien, for their unwavering trust in this visionary project.

Challenges and Success:

The marketing of The Metropolitan presented us with some challenging hurdles. The disparity between the project's ambition and the initial perception by potential clients was evident. To bridge this gap, we shifted our focus away from the features of the apartments to the unparalleled quality of life and vibrant atmosphere of the Gleisdreieck Park in Berlin. We used emotions as the key to appeal to a wide spectrum of potential tenants, creating a multi-faceted, dynamic marketing strategy reinforced by authentic content across various social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.

By releasing diverse vertical-format videos, accompanied by different styles of music, from rap to classical and from local to international sounds, we forged a connection with our diverse target audience. The project's relaunch was a resounding success, ensuring that there was something for everyone - a piece of content that resonated deeply within their hearts. We told a story that didn't just speak of luxury apartments but of a lifestyle one aspires to and identifies with.

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